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Invite Tom DeWeese

Invite Tom DeWeese

Hear what others are saying about Tom DeWeese:

When Tom DeWeese speaks, he does not mince words; he tells it like it is. Few people in this country speak with such clarity, honesty, or authority. The DeWeese Report contains news that the mainstream media are too timid to report. It is must reading for every patriot.Henry Lamb, Chairman, Sovereignty International, Inc.

I very much appreciate the work you have been doing in the area of environmental regulation…Readers will benefit from the diverse sources of information to which you have made yourself privy.Howard Phillips, President, Conservative Caucus

Tom DeWeese offers all Americans concise insight into what Americans are not getting and cannot get through other media outlets. Mark Lerner, Stop Real ID Coalition

Tom DeWeese has been a courageous forerunner in exposing the globalist Sustainable Development movement spreading across this country. He has helped us formulate a deeper understanding regarding the ‘sustainable’ threat to individual liberty. His work has been indispensable.Michael Shaw, President, Freedom

Tom DeWeese writes with a flair and the purpose of ‘Common Sense’ in a time when we dearly need some.C.J. Hadley, publisher, RANGE magazine

Tom DeWeese has rallied the troops and is charging the hill in the fight for freedom. Randy Brogdon, State Senator Dist. #34, Oklahoma

One of America’s best informed and most respected champions of free enterprise and principled government is Tom DeWeese. As president of the American Policy Center, Tom has helped the grassroots movements for property rights and back-to-basics education grow into significant political forces. Ron Arnold, author and executive vice president, Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise

Tom DeWeese is one of the most insightful minds anywhere. He is an articulate, non-conforming freedom fighter in a business full of “sell-outs”. No one controls his mind or his pen. He writes the truth and doesn’t care who it offends. The DeWeese Report is a “must read” for a vantage point you are not likely to find elsewhere.Richard Norman President, The Richard Norman Company

Tom DeWeese is on the cutting edge of what’s happening – and what’s wrong with – our government and our culture. He’s one of the first people I look to for the latest information on any issue. Tom is a conservative with brains — he thinks outside the box and can hone in on issues like a laser searching for a target. Tom sees through Washington bureaucracy like no one else can. In our national capitol, where policy experts are a dime a dozen, Tom DeWeese is the best there is.State Senator Karen Johnson, Arizona

Tom DeWeese has the uncanny ability to sum up what transpires in American politics and to connect the dots to legislation, world affairs and domestic policies in a manner typically missed by mainstream news analysts and pundits. He reaches conclusions about issues only after extensive research. Tom is among the few leaders of a major policy think-tank to stand firm on a position, even if it means a temporary inconvenience. The only way he would ever yield is if he were to truly change his mind on a particular topic, based on a careful re-assessment of the facts-but never for the sake of expediency.Beverly Eakman, Lecturer, Columnist and Author

Our country should always feel a great debt to people like Tom DeWeese and others, who literally make it their business to monitor what Washington is doing, where big government is taking us, and alerting us that “we the people” can still be in charge, if we’re informed and active. Keep it up, Tom! Pat Boone

It has always been comforting to know that Tom DeWeese and his ‘on target’ insights in what threatens our nation – and what must be done to combat these problems – reaches many Americans. – John F. McManus, President, The John Birch Society

Tom DeWeese has been in the forefront of the defense of freedom and property rights for years. His information is reliable and provides much needed ammunition for the intellectual battles being fought to restore constitutional government in America. Larry Pratt, Executive Director, Gun Owners of America

Tom DeWeese is a man to watch and follow for insight into and understanding of leading edge political issues. He is one of those rare individuals who can separate the wheat from the chaff. In this critical period of internal US struggle impacting the world, Tom DeWeese is one of the leaders moving to restore the reality of the dream of all the founding peoples of the USA- the right to be free.Connie Fogal, Leader, Canadian Action Party

Tom DeWeese is a vital force in the battle for American liberty because he tells it like it is, holding back nothing as he cuts through the politically-correct smokescreen to get out the truth. Jerome Corsi, Author

Tom DeWeese always has something informative and interesting to say on the critical issues facing America. He tackles the scandals and controversies that you seldom read about in the major media.Cliff Kincaid, President, America’s Survival, Inc.

Tom DeWeese is one of those “no nonsense, say it like it is guys.” He regularly puts our Government back in its place when trying to become bigger than it should. He is one of the few protectors of American freedoms and common sense. You won’t always agree with Tom but his integrity and brilliance finding and commenting on important issues will make you take notice, think and be proud to be an American again. Laurie Roth, Radio Talk Show Host,

I’ve known Tom DeWeese for 15 years and in all that time, I have never considered him one of those “inside the beltway” guys. He stands firmly connected to those of us on the ground fighting the battles in the trenches with irreproachable conservative credentials. Together, we have fought for private property rights and stopped more bad legislation than either one of us can remember. Through Tom and the American Policy Center, we have a national ally who, with his hard-hitting “Sledgehammer” alerts and his thousands of members, has provided us with extraordinary results. He is indeed a rare breed.Dan Byfield, President, American Land Foundation, a private property rights organization since 1993.

Tom DeWeese has been a consistent and fair minded leader in the fight to stop illegal immigration. The articles in his newsletter have been relentless, providing, not only the details of the threat, but also the solutions. Always taking the moral high road, never scape-goating any immigrant group, Tom takes a stand for a strong, sovereign United States. Ron Maxwell, Director, Gods and Generals and Gettysburg

These are serious times, and Tom DeWeese has consistently been one of my favorite “go-to” guys when I need to know the truth about issues we care about. Property rights, government overreach, sovereignty, immigration, and most important of all, an uncompromising approach to liberty. Tom really knows his stuff.Bill Meyer, Radio Host, KMED Radio (Medford. Oregon)

Tom DeWeese can always be counted on to provide concise, hard-hitting analyses of the complex, contentious issues that determine what kind of country and world we will live in. He is a true patriot, in the tradition of another well-known Virginian, Patrick Henry. He won’t pull his punches. But he’s non-partisan and happy to work with any Democrat, Republican, Independent or Libertarian who promotes freedom and isn’t ready to sell out our traditions and rights for the sake of short-term political or media expediency.Paul Driessen, syndicated columnist and senior policy advisor for the Congress of Racial Equality

Tom DeWeese is a great ally in the fight for our Freedom, our Constitution and our Republic. Unlike most, he is willing to transcend partisan interests and power politics and always do the right thing. For that I am proud to call him both a friend and a colleague.Michael D. Ostrolenk, National Director, Liberty Coalition

Tom, Thank you so much for your speech at the Union… You spoke confidently, displaying all the qualities of a first proposition speaker… You dealt well with tough interruptions from the floor and made an excellent public speaker.Luke Pearce, President, The Cambridge Union Society, Cambridge University, UK, after debate on the United Nations.

Talk with Tom DeWeese for any length of time and the image that begins to develop and won’t go away is that flag of American revolutionary times that said, “Don’t tread on me.”Interview, Insight Magazine

Tom, It was a great honor to have you with us in Santa Rosa as one of our speakers…Thank you also for your willingness to stay on an extra week and have your whirlwind tour of Northern California. I know that was really strenuous, especially the last two days, covering probably 800 miles…But you did an excellent job speaking wherever you went and hopefully woke up many people. It was amazing to see the reaction.Orlean Koehle, State President, Eagle Forum of California

With his focus on education, property rights, and sovereignty, he speaks eloquently and passionately for liberty, personal responsibility, and conservative values. With The DeWeese Report and the American Policy Center, Tom DeWeese sounds loud warnings all freedom-loving citizens should heed. With love of country, he implores us to join the battle for a better America. Fred Gielow, Gielow Family Foundation during presentation of “Friend of Freedom Award”

Tom DeWeese gives an inside view not heard in the mainstream media. Liberals and conservatives alike can learn a whole lot about the progressive nature of property rights, the way the privacy of individuals, whatever their philosophy, is being eroded by real ID and other intrusions on privacy, and how “transpartisan” initiatives offer real roadmaps to change. Everyone should read him.Jim Turner, Board Chair, Citizens for Health and coauthor of “Voice of the People: The Transpartisan Imperative in American Life”

Tom DeWeese is one of the bright spots in America’s conservative landscape. A true constitutionalist and patriot, Tom is both brave and thoughtful; a steadfast and visionary champion of freedom; a friend to all who are friends of liberty.Chuck Baldwin, Constitution Party Candidate for President, 2008

You have been like a soldier fighting for our country. You deserve our country’s Silver Star medal. Frederick, DeWeese Report Reader

Tom is a student of government and policy with impeccable integrity; he does his background work thoroughly and his presentations are sound in law and fact. – Fred Kelly Grant, Attorney, President, Stewards of the Range

From afar, I have long admired your courage and your immense talent for writing. You personally represent that which I admire above all else: the brave American patriot upon whom free people everywhere depend to save America from the Socialism that now threatens it and thereby the Free World.Judi McLeod, Editor,


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