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ICLEI Revisited

ICLEI Revisited

By Kathleen Marquardt

Around 2010, those of us trying to wake up America wrote, gave speeches, did talk shows about ICLEI, Smart Growth, American Planning Association, Public Private Partnerships, the Wildlands Project, and so many other tactics of Agenda 21 implementation thrown out at us at the time.

ICLEI is the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, now known as Local Governments for Sustainability. As we expose what each of these NGOs is doing to attack us, they change their names in the hope of sneaking in under the radar of communities and towns that haven’t been exposed to them yet. It only works for a little while, then they need to change their names again and again as the rocks are lifted and sunlight shines on these evil entities.

ICLEI, a non-profit, private foundation, is based in Bonn, Germany and their nefarious ploy ostensibly is to assist local entities, usually cities and towns, to reduce their carbon footprints. As their website puts it:

ICLEI supports local governments in finding and implementing local solutions to global challenges by (in their words):

  • helping local governments to establishing plans of action to meet their locally defined, concrete, measurable targets
  • working toward meeting these targets through the implementation of projects and by offering tools that help local governments to reach their goals
  • evaluating local and cumulative progress toward sustainable development and making the commitments and actions of local governments known on a global level
  • working in partnership with regional, national and international organizations and institutions to ensure an international framework that supports local action

There is nothing local about ICLEI other than it’s erstwhile name. ICLEI, the APA, B Corp and the rest are all part of the international agenda working through the United Nations to bring us under the umbrella of a one-world government.

ICLEI was one of the groups instrumental in creating Agenda 21. Their whole scheme is to get communities to regulate everything that affects the environment which, of course, is everything including our exhalations.

ICLEI’s vice chair, Harvey Rubin, made the telling statement, “Individual rights will have to take a backseat to the collective.” If what I described above doesn’t convince you that this NGO at least is trying to take away our rights and freedoms, his statement should bring it home.

Many Americans ask how dangerous international policies can suddenly turn up in state and local government, all seemingly uniform to those in communities across the nation and around the globe.

The answer – meet ICLEI, a non-profit, private foundation, dedicated to helping your mayor implement all of his promises. Originally known as the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), today the group simply calls itself “ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability.”

In 1992, ICLEI was one of the groups instrumental in creating Agenda 21. The group’s mission is to push local communities to regulate the environment – and it’s having tremendous success.

I have included a list of 544 American cities in which ICLEI is being paid with tax dollars from city councils to implement and enforce Sustainable Development. ICLEI is there to assure that the mayors keep their promises and meet their goals. Climate change, of course, is the ICLEI mantra.

Here’s just some of the programs ICLEI provides cities and towns, in order to spread their own particular political agenda in the name of “community services” and environmental protection, they include:

Software programs to help set the goals for community development – which leads to taking control of your private property;

Access to a network of “Green” experts, newsletters, conferences and workshops – to assure the indoctrination of city employees is complete;

Toolkits, online resources, case studies, fact sheets, policy and practice manuals, and blueprints used by other communities – so you know you are not alone;

Training workshops for staff and elected officials on how to develop and implement the programs — wanna bet they never seem to mention that thousands of scientists around the world now say man-made global warming is a myth and none of these programs are necessary? Probably doesn’t make it into the workshop;

And, of course, there’s Notification of relevant grant opportunities – this is the important one – money – with severe strings attached.

ICLEI recommends that the community hire a full time “sustainability manager,” who, even in small towns, can devote 100% of his time to assure that every nook and corner of the government is on message and under control.

As I said, it’s not about protecting the environment; it’s about reinventing government with a specific political agenda. ICLEI and others are dedicated to controlling your locally elected public officials to quietly implement an all encompassing tyranny over every community in the nation.

Like a disease, ICLEI (or others of its kind) is entrenched in most American cities, dictating policy to your locally elected officials, controlling policy and making sure they do not listen to your protests. To truly see tyranny in action, one only needs to go to a city council meeting and attempt to ask questions or discuss a sustainable development program. Most who have tried it have been literally physically removed from the chamber.

It’s time to remove ICLEI. Look at this list of communities where they currently hide behind the curtain — and take action to remove them. Now, before your community is run like a soviet, where there is no debate, no regard for constitutionally-guaranteed rights, no property rights, no free markets, no alternative thought. Through ICLEI there is only top-down control – just like a soviet. Remove ICLEI – Restore the Republic!

ICLEI Cities Across the Country

Action to Take:

ICLEI is one of the most dangerous forces in the nation, particularly because so few people know if their existence. But your mayor and city council know. They are in regular meetings with them, They get memos on policy. They are told what to support and who to silence. What they fear most is exposure.  Now, we can turn the tables on ICLEI by shining a bright spot light on their activities in your community.

First, go to a city council meeting and listen to the discussion. Are they talking about land use, water control, development control? Are they using the language I have described in this issue? If so, Sustainable Development is ruling your community.

Second, begin to ask questions. You may have to do it after the meeting, but if you can, ask during… Ask where these policies they are discussing come from. Ask if your community is now paying dues to a group called the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). Once you have determined that ICLEI is truly in your community, they the battle can begin. Remember, the list of ICLEI cities on this page came directly from the ICLEI web page – so you already know they are there.

Third, do not begin to discuss “UN” policies. Instead, keep your discussion on a local level, as in how such policies may impact local citizens.

Fourth, I have enclosed a petition. Make copies of this petition, which calls on your city council to stop paying dues to ICLEI and to remove them from policy making in your community. Pass out your copies and get as many citizens as possible to sign it. Make copies of this issue of The DeWeese Report to educate your neighbors on the dangers of Sustainable Development. Deliver the singed petitions to City Council and cause a firestorm of protest if they ignore you. And do not stop until ICLEI and Sustainable Development are removed from your community. REMOVE ICLEI – RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.